Importer’s Corner

MANUAL ON FOOD IMPORT CLEARANCE SYSTEM. Click here to download the PDF file.

FSSAI guidelines for imported food articles. Click here for details. 

A. LICENSES required for importing to India

  1. From FSSAI
  2. Import Export Code (IEC Code) from Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) of India
  3. Legal Metrology
  4. Customs

B. Minimum requirements to be declared on the label

  1. Brand Name
  2. Name of the food/category and its description
  3. Ingredients list (in descending order)
  4. Nutritional Information
  5. Method of preparation
  6. Date of manufacture
  7. Best before/use by/expiry date
  8. Shelf life
  9. Lot number
  10. Maximum Retail Price(inclusive of all taxes) in Rs.
  11. Country of origin
  12. Imported by (name and address)
  13. Manufactured by (name and address)
  14. Veg./Non Veg. symbol
  15. Net weightNote (w.e.f. 12th October 2011):Except name and address of the importer and veg./non veg. symbol, all of the above requirements need to be pre-printed before landing at the port entry. Name and address of the importer and veg./non veg. symbol can be stickered at the port of entry in the bonded customs area.

C. Requirements at the port of entry

  1. Details of the product
  2. Test certificate for all parameters required by FSSAI
  3. Sanitaryan certificate, wherever applicable
  4. Shipping details of the concerned product(s)

D. Special requirements as notified by FSSAI from time to time

E. BIS license is mandatory for imports of infant foods, milk powders, sweetened condensed milk, mineral water and packaged drinking water.

F. For details, consult FSSAI website or food regulatory experts mentioned on this site

G. Payment for testing of imported food products to be made only through online payment gateway using FSSAI website. Demand Drafts are no longer (w.e.f 15th February 2012) accepted!

H. Please find the list of parameters for some imported products along with their limits effective from 2nd August 2012. To download the file, click here.

I. Standard pack sizes for certain products as per Legal Metrology Act. Click here to download file.

J. Import Guidelines released by FSSAI with immediate effect (24th January 2013). Click here to download file.

K. If you are an importer of Canola oil ensure that it should be labelled as “Imported Rapeseed – low euricic acid oil” and not just Canola oil. Read this file for details.

L. Guidelines to importers of food for exhibitions and tasting purposes. Click here for more details.

M. FSSAI has uploaded a standard operating procedure (SOP) clearance of imported foods. Check here for details. 

N. FSSAI relaxes labeling requirements for whole fruits, vegetable, pulses, grains, spices. Click here for details.New_

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